What is all this then?

Tweeteffect is dead! - due to the changes in the Twitter API and any access to Twitter data requiring authentication Tweeteffect stopped working. We do not want to authenticate on your behalf and we do not want to retain your data. We hope you gleaned some insight into your twitter behaviour using this tool while it lasted, but now it is no more.

Twitter is a great way to keep in contact, distribute news and generally tell people what you are up to. The success of Twitter users is generally measured in the amount of people that follow your updates.

You get information on your Twitter profile as to how many people follow you and you get notified when someone follows you. However, there is no notification when someone stops following you and you generally don't have any insight into when people follow or leave you.

This is where the TweetEffect comes in - simply enter your twitter name and we analyze your 200 latest updates and flag those up that made people follow or leave you.

Of course there are more factors that make people come or go, but it is an interesting indicator about the effect your tweet might have had on the world.

TweetEffect is a test - you could call it a hack to try out some of the Twitter API functionality mixed with free Yahoo and Google services. Maybe this will go places, maybe it won't.

Frequently asked questions

How to use the TweetEffect

Using TweetEffect is easy as pie: simply enter your Twitter user name in the form above and hit the "tell me more" button. It might take a while to retrieve and analyze your data but soon you should know about the impact you had on the world.

We list all the Twitter updates that had an effect on your follower numbers. Updates that made people leave are displayed in red, others in black.

TweetEffect is showing my protected updates to the world! How dare you?

TweetEffect is not making your protected updates available to the world - this is a misconception as you are logged into the Twitter API when you use it. Protected users can test that your updates are still safe by logging out of twitter and then trying TweetEffect. You will see an error message that your data is not available and *not* your updates - this is what the world sees, too.

As a general rule it is a bad plan to stay logged in - maybe an Air client like Twhirl or Snitter might be a better solution for you as you don't want your data to be available to the world.

That is a lot of information, are you storing that? What about my privacy?

Nothing here is being recorded or stored. All the information you see is something you entered in Twitter and made available to the world. All we do is analyze it and re-print it here when someone (probably you) asks for it.

The data seems random and doesn't match my email notifications or other "quitter" services. Are you in reality not psychic at all?

All we use is the data we get from the last 200 Twitter updates (this is an API limitation) and you may have other tools that tell you about the people who left you that tell you differently.

Without asking for your login data or storing your information this is all we can do. And we don't want to do either at this point as you giving out your information to a third party is simply wrong and we should have other ways (oAuth anyone?) to get there.

Is there a way to store this information?

Right now there is no way to generate reports to be saved, which is partly due to Twitter API limitations (traffic restrictions). We are considering options to offer that functionality though.

Is the service free?

Yes, this service is totally free. We're happy about any support if you want to have more functionality or bespoke services though.

TweetEffect by Christian Heilmann