v  v        v
   |  |  v     |  v
   | .-, |     |  |
.--./ /  |  _.---.| 
 '-. (__..-"       \
    \          a    |
     ',.__.   ,__.-'/

T H E    W H A L E
   S L E E P S
     T O N I G H T        
Tweeteffect is dead! - due to the changes in the Twitter API and any access to Twitter data requiring authentication Tweeteffect stopped working. We do not want to authenticate on your behalf and we do not want to retain your data. We hope you gleaned some insight into your twitter behaviour using this tool while it lasted, but now it is no more.

No login required!

Unlike other Twitter tools, we do not need you to give use your login details - you should never give out your login to other parties!

No data storage

We don't record any of your data. TweetEffect does not monitor your behaviour or store anything you enter here.

This is a free service

TweetEffect is an experiment and we're happy to get constructive feedback.

Analysis of Twitter information

All the information you see here is provided by Twitter and not under our control. We simply filter and display it for you. If there are any problems with the data, we're sorry but this is all we can play with. Find out more in the FAQ.

TweetEffect by Christian Heilmann